Adoption Services Northwest

Adoption Services Northwest provides adoption consulting, referral, education and professional services to both individuals and adoption agencies and organizations. Our staff has assisted in the start-up of several adoption agencies and other adoption related organizations. We are all familiar with the adoption process on both a personal and professional level and fully understand the IT needs of adoption agencies and organizations. We have also worked extensively in the Information Technology field in everything from home offices, small and mid sized companies and large enterprise organizations providing software, hardware and network support for up to 1000's of computers and users.

Adoption Agency Consultation Services

We provide the following general business consulting for adoption agencies and adoption related organizations.

Computer Software and Hardware Services

We can help you set up or upgrade your computer systems including hardware and software evaluation and testing, recommendation, purchase, installation and training. With years of experience in everything from small office to enterprise hardware and software support, we have the broad knowledge required to get your systems up and running at their best quickly and efficiently. All work is done by certified technicians and engineers with years of practical hands-on experience.

Data and Information Security

With more and more focus on data security, we can assist you in designing, evaluating and installing the proper security measures to keep your data safe and out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. Our engineers have experience with hardware, software, physical and mixed security solutions and can design and implement a solution for your data to meet any requirement.

Network Services

We can assist with anything from connecting 1 computer to the internet to building a network with hundred's of computers. Full network design and installation services for traditional wired or wireless networks. We can upgrade your current wired network to wireless with the appropriate security to safeguard your and your clients information.

Adoption Seminars

Adoption seminars and education services are available to any public or private organization that has an interest in adoption. Seminars can be arranged on a fee basis or by agreement with one of our client Agencies for sponsorship. Agencies can have seminars or classes tailored to their specific programs and requirements.

Adoption Referral Services

We have a great new way to get you information on available children without your having to search photolistings or wade through tons of e-mail.


Virtual Stork

Virtual Stork delivers messages directly to your computer automatically. Every time you connect to the internet, your Virtual Stork checks to see if he has any deliveries for you. Get more info on Virtual Stork here.  View the Virtual Stork license agreement and download Virtual Stork now!

Web Services

From website updates to design and hosting, we can do it all for you. Web hosting packages include unlimited e-mail addresses, forwarders and autoresponders, databases, php scripting, cgi access and a selection of add-ons for you to choose from. You can choose from using a subdomain on one of our domains, or you can use your own domain name.

Adoption Photolistings

Allow us to manage your adoption photolistings for you. With years of experience working with all the major adoption photolisting services, posting and updating thousands of listings, we can keep your listings fresh and up to date for you. 

Adoption Video Services

We have the facilities to do video conversion and/or capture to/from any format. Video duplication and publication is available for anything from single copies of child videos to hundreds of copies of your sales, marketing and informational videos.


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