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Virtual Stork


The Virtual Stork is a new way to get information on adoptable children delivered directly to your computer.

NOTE: The VirtualStork program is still in final testing and may not always work properly. We are only putting up a limited number of messages while we continue to test the system.

Virtual Stork requires that you have MS Internet Explorer and that it be set as your default browser.

When installed, Virtual Stork places an icon  on your system tray. When Virtual Stork delivers a new message, it changes the icon to and displays a small notice near the system tray to let you know there is a message to view. Virtual Stork checks for new messages several times a day (or you can check anytime you want!).

When you choose to view messages, they are displayed in your default Internet browser just like a web page. Double-clicking on the Virtual Stork icon opens the message browser where you can see a list of all available messages. New messages are listed in bold text and previously viewed messages are in normal text.

Please Note: Our Storks are very careful to make deliveries only to those who have requested them and we ask that you not pass on information about the children to others. The information in Virtual Stork messages is private and confidential and is intended ONLY for Virtual Stork clients. In particular, it is against our policy to post or copy information from Virtual Stork messages to any newsgroup, e-mail list or listserv, website or other publicly available location on the internet. If you would like to post information to a private list, please contact us for permission.

Download Virtual Stork now!

Our fleet of Storks at this time consists of one lonely old guy ready for retirement (he isn't able to make many deliveries these days), but we have been taking in applications and hope to hire a couple of younger more energetic Storks soon.

Virtual Stork and Adoption Services Northwest do not share personally identifiable information about our customers with anyone except to provide agencies using our services with contact information in cases where a customer has requested additional information on a specific child(ren)

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